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Flexible framework for high stability, corrosion protection and safe earthing

Safe and intelligent power distribution

Tested safety

SIVACON S8 stands for safety at a high level. The low-voltage switchboard is a design verified power switchgear and controlgear assembly; the design is verified by tests according to IEC 61439-2. Its physical properties have been verified at the testing laboratory for both operation and failure situations. Personal safety is furthermore ensured by verification of the test under condi- tions of arcing in accordance with IEC/TR 61641.

Flexible solutions

SIVACON S8 offers intelligent solutions which can be adapted to match your requirements. Different mounting designs can be combined in one cubicle with ease. The flexible modules allow for the simple exchange or addition of func- tional units. The SIVACON S8 modules undergo a continuous innovation process, thereby ensuring the technical progress for the overall system.

Your benefit

  • Safety for people and plant

  • by means of design verification with tests according to

  • IEC 61439-2

  • Personal and plant safety in case of arcing by means of tests according to IEC/TR 61641

  • High flexibility due to innovative modular design

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standard-compliant, design verified low-voltage switchboard

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SIVACON S8: Safe power supply with design verification

Your benefit

  • Safety for people and plant thanks to design verification with tests according to
    IEC 61439-2

  • Quality assurance through design verifications and routine verifications

  • Systematic tests always carried out with devices

Low-voltage switchboards or, in accordance with the standard, power switchgear and control-gear assemblies are developed, manufactured and tested following the specifications of IEC 61439-2.

Requirement of the IEC 61439-2 standard
In order to provide evidence that the switchboard is fit for purpose, this standard requires two main forms of verification – design verifications and routine verifications. Design verifications are tests carried out during the develop- ment process and are the responsibility of the original manufacturer (developer). Routine verifications must be performed by the manufacturer of the power switchgear and controlgear assembly on every manufactured switchboard prior to delivery.

Design verification with tests

The SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard offers safety for people and plant by means of the design verification with tests according to IEC 61439-2.


The physical properties are dimensioned and verified at the testing laboratory for both operation and failure situations. Design verifications as well as routine verifications are a decisive part of quality assurance, and the prerequisite for CE marking according to the EC guidelines and laws.

The design verifications can be provided by way of three different methods. If there is more than one method available for a specific verifi- cation, these methods are considered equivalent, and the selection of the method is under the responsibility of the original manufacturer.

Design verifications
Verification by testing
Verification by calculation
Verification by design rules
Degree of protection provided by enclosures
Clearances and creepage distances
Protection against electric shock and integrity of protective circuits
Incorporation of switching devices and components
Internal electrical circuits and connections
Terminals for external conductors
Dielectric properties
✔ (2)
Temperature rise limits
Up to 1600A
Up to 1600A (3)
Short-circuit withstand strength
Conditional (3)
Conditional (3)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Mechanical operation
Strength of materials and parts
  1. Effectiveness of the assembly in case of external faults

  2. Impulse withstand voltage only

  3. Comparison with an already tested design

Verification of temperature rise

One of the most important verifications is the compliance with the temperature- rise limits. This verifies that the switch- board is fit for purpose when the temper- ature rises due to operational power loss. In view of the ever increasing rated cur- rents, together with higher requirements relating to the degree of protection and internal separation, this is one of the greatest challenges for the switchboard.

Although the standard allows the verifi- cation by calculation for rated currents up to 1,600 A, for SIVACON S8 this verifi- cation is always performed by testing. Clear rules governing the selection of the test specimens (worst-case test) ensure that the entire product range is systemat- ically covered, including the devices.

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