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Yossi Mhabbari

Yossi Mhabbari, with 24 years of service at Ardan Electrical Engineering, excels as a Sales and Pricing Expert, specializing in designing efficient electrical switchboards. Besides work, he enjoys exploring the world of computers and spending quality time with his family. His balanced approach to life drives his success both professionally and personally.

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My Story

Yossi Mhabbari is an integral part of Ardan Electrical Engineering, where he has dedicated 24 years of his professional life to excel as a Sales and Pricing Expert. During his tenure, Yossi has been instrumental in helping customers design the most efficient and cost-effective electrical switchboards. His passion for understanding and meeting customer needs, coupled with his technical expertise, allows him to deliver the best possible solutions. Outside of work, Yossi is a computer enthusiast who enjoys exploring the latest trends in technology. As a devoted family man, he cherishes his quality time spent with his wife and son, which provides him the balance and motivation to keep thriving in his professional and personal pursuits.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

O: 04-6327611, M: +972-54-3277701

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